AB 341 - Commercial Recycling

About AB 341

Assembly Bill 341 was added in 2011 to further increase recycling efforts, by adding requirements of a state-wide mandatory commercial recycling program. The purpose of the Act was to reduce GHG emissions by diverting commercial solid waste to recycling efforts and to expand the opportunity for additional recycling services and recycling manufacturing facilities in California.  

Among the requirements, a business (includes public entities) that generates 4 cubic yards or more of commercial solid waste per week or is a multifamily residential dwelling of five units or more shall arrange for recycling services. Likewise, a property owner of a commercial business or multifamily residential dwelling may require tenants to source separate their recyclable materials to aid in compliance. 

What is Montebello Doing to Comply?

The City’s efforts in complying with AB341 include comprehensive business evaluations, evaluations of multi-family and commercial complexes, educational outreach efforts, community workshops, the annual auditing of all nonexclusive franchises, and a newly developed Green Business Program.  

We are also taking the following actions to ensure compliance and assist Montebello businesses achieve compliance: 

  • Our programs are designed to meet the 75% disposal reduction by 2020. 
  • We are educating businesses and MFD’s on the requirements that they must implement a commercial recycling program.
  • We are conducting workshops, meetings, mailings, in-person contact, and a phased-in implementation period.
  • Businesses (including MFD's of 5 or more units) and public entities that generate four or more CY of commercial solid waste per week are being identified for compliance.
  • In conjunction with our non-exclusive franchised haulers we are conducting outreach to Montebello businesses to ensure compliance and cooperation with AB 341.
  • Work with local businesses on the developing partnerships.
  • Increased enforcement activities will be taken if necessary.
  • Programs such as self-haul, 3rd party diversion credit, overflow pickups, reuse, reduction programs, local waste exchanges, commercial food waste and composting programs are being enhanced to provide businesses and MFD’s with additional resources for compliance.
  • Education, Outreach, and Monitoring activities are being conducted.
  • Site visits of businesses and MFD’s are being phased in to endure monitoring and compliance.
  • City has conducted a self-audit of our buildings and offices to ensure compliance and identify potential gaps in implemented programs.
  • Community meetings are being held to update residents and businesses of requirements.
  • Outreach programs are being implemented to inform all Montebello businesses of their required participation. 


On June 28, 2017, The City Council of the City of Montebello Approved Resolution 17-62, Establishing mandatory recycling requirements in accordance with California Assembly Bill's 341 and 1826. 

Among the provisions of this Resolution,  All public and private entities covered under the legislative confines of AB341 are required to implement a mandatory recycling program within 45-Days of the passage of this Resolution.   

Please see the link below for a copy of Resolution 17-62 for additional information.

Publication & Downloads for Recycling & Solid Waste

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